Please note we have implemented new fax lines for Part D.
Please use the appropriate fax number below.
ProjectFunctionNew Fax Number
Part D Drug ALJ 720-462-7573
Part D Drug ALJ Expedited 720-462-7574
Part D Drug Plans and Enrollees 720-462-7575
Part D Drug Appeals Plans and Enrollees (Toll-free) 866-825-9507
Part D Drug Effectuations 720-462-7576
Part D Drug Prescriber Returned Requests 720-462-7579
Part D LEP Plans 720-462-7577
Part D LEP Requestors 720-462-7578
Part D LEP Appeals Plans and Enrollees (Toll-free) 866-589-5241

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Support line at 877.456.5302 for both Drug and Late Enrollment Penalty Appeals, or e-mail us at Thank you.

About Us

ABOUT Maximus Federal Services

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), selected Maximus Federal Services as the national Independent Review Entity for external reviews of Medicare Part D appeals.Maximus Federal Services Inc. (Maximus Federal), a wholly owned subsidiary of Maximus, Inc was incorporated in 2005 to provide our Federal customers with the same Maximus corporate experience and expert staff, but with the addition of a Federally compliant accounting system. Maximus Federal offers benefits in consolidating all Maximus Federal health care programs under one unified management structure. Maximus was founded in 1975, and is a publicly owned company (NYSE: MMS) with revenues exceeding $900 million per year, more than 5,400 employees, and project services provided in every state, with international work in countries such as Canada, Australia, Israel, and Egypt. Our corporate headquarters is located in Reston, Virginia.

For more information about Maximus, please visit the website at

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