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Appeal Number - The number assigned by the Medicare Appeal System (MAS) to the Level 2, or Level 3 appeal.
Request Received Date - The date the Reconsideration was received at the Part D QIC.
Appeal Priority - The priority determined by the Part D QIC and indicates the appeal processing timeframes (Expedited or Standard).
Date Case File Requested from plan - The date the case file was requested from the Part D plan.
Date Case File Received from plan - The date the case file was received from the Part D plan
Tolling Extension (Y/N) - Indicates if the Part D QIC required an extension of the Reconsideration timeframe to obtain additional information.
Recon Decision - The decision made by the Part D QIC on Reconsideration at Level 2.
Reopen Decision - If the Part D QIC reopens the appeal, the decision made the Part D QIC on Reopening.
ALJ Decision - If an ALJ appeal has been filed, the decision made by the ALJ.
Last Decision Date - The date of the most recent decision made the Part D QIC or ALJ.

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