We are currently experiencing issues with our fax lines. We are implementing temporary fax numbers to ensure we can receive documentation accordingly. We understand this is not ideal, but it provides an option to receive faxes soon. Please use the below temporary fax numbers, or other methods for submission at this time.
ProjectFunctionTemporary Fax Number
Part D ALJ 17204627573
Part D ALJ Expedited 17204627574
Part D Plans 17204627575
Part D Effectuation 17204627576
Part D LEP 17204627577
Part D LEP 17204627578
Part D PRR 17204627579

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Support line at 585-348-3400 for both Drug and Late Enrollment Penalty Appeals, or e-mail us at medicarepartdappeals@maximus.com. Thank you.

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Appeal Number - The number assigned by the Medicare Appeal System (MAS) to the Level 2, or Level 3 appeal.
Request Received Date - The date the Reconsideration was received at the Part D QIC.
Appeal Priority - The priority determined by the Part D QIC and indicates the appeal processing timeframes (Expedited or Standard).
Date Case File Requested from plan - The date the case file was requested from the Part D plan.
Date Case File Received from plan - The date the case file was received from the Part D plan
Tolling Extension (Y/N) - Indicates if the Part D QIC required an extension of the Reconsideration timeframe to obtain additional information.
Recon Decision - The decision made by the Part D QIC on Reconsideration at Level 2.
Reopen Decision - If the Part D QIC reopens the appeal, the decision made the Part D QIC on Reopening.
ALJ Decision - If an ALJ appeal has been filed, the decision made by the ALJ.
Last Decision Date - The date of the most recent decision made the Part D QIC or ALJ.
QIC Appeal Deadline Date - The deadline date for the QIC Appeal.

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