We are currently experiencing issues with our fax lines. We are implementing temporary fax numbers to ensure we can receive documentation accordingly. We understand this is not ideal, but it provides an option to receive faxes soon. Please use the below temporary fax numbers, or other methods for submission at this time.
ProjectFunctionTemporary Fax Number
Part D ALJ 17204627573
Part D ALJ Expedited 17204627574
Part D Plans 17204627575
Part D Effectuation 17204627576
Part D LEP 17204627577
Part D LEP 17204627578
Part D PRR 17204627579

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Support line at 585-348-3400 for both Drug and Late Enrollment Penalty Appeals, or e-mail us at medicarepartdappeals@maximus.com. Thank you.

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MAXIMUS COVID-19 Response: We have been working very hard to ensure that our MAXIMUS team is safe, but can still serve the needs of appellants and health plans. We encourage health plans to continue to use our online portal which is secure and is available 24 hours a day. The portal is available at https://qicappeals.cms.gov. The user guide is available if any health plans are interested in registering. Our mailroom is open and we continue to send out decision letters and all other correspondence related to appeals. If you require specific assistance, please feel free to reach out to us via e-mail at MedicarePartDAppeals@maximus.com

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